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I call myself a slacker as I have been neglecting the blog posts here. But I do have great excuses, full time job, kids, house chores, etc... Did I mention kids? More specific my two year old daughter who apparently needs full time attention. So after working a 12 hour day I go home and it seems like I start my other full time job...her. Don't get me wrong I love coming home and seeing that little girl waiting for me at the front door and yelling "daddy". But I digress, back to coffee and where we are. Things still moving slow but moving nonetheless. Rome wasn't built in a day nor will this coffee. Our intentions are to get our brand out there and get people trying our coffee. If you haven't tried it, order a bag here or pick one up at The Boathouse in downtown New Bern, NC. We are throwing around the idea of opening a coffee shop in James City and maybe expanding to breakfast meals, let us know what you think. Do you want to see a Nautical Star Coffee shop where you can get a cup of fresh coffee and breakfast to go? Reach out to us and let us know and till then, stay caffeinated my friends.

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