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So maybe its me or us here at NSC (Nautical Star Coffee) but we see a lot of fancy things going on with coffee nowadays. I've been asked if we open a shop are we going to do that and without hesitation I say no. No for several reasons, if you want a a fancy coffee with a tree or flower in it from the cream then have at it, if you want a barista with a fancy mustache and apron, have at it, if you want just one great cup of coffee then that is us. Our focus is just one great cup of coffee that taste good. We will never try to mask our coffee taste with a fancy picture in it with cream. Nothing against those that do it as it is definitely an art but this is not our focus, ours is in our beans and ensuring they are sourced correctly from the right regions and roasted to our particular specifications. To those out there that have not tried NSC, go to The Boathouse in downtown New Bern and ask for a bag or buy some here on our web page, till then stay alert and drink on.