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Southern Comfort

So last night my 2 year old daughter woke me up in the middle of the night crying but my wife beat me too the punch in trying to console her. After a few minutes of more crying it was evident that she wanted me and that this was a job for her daddy to do. No sooner did I get in her room that my wife passed her off to me like a quarterback handing a football to a running-back and she stopped crying. As a dad this make you feel good but I always reassure my wife that this is a phase and there will be time she just wants her. So I laid with her for some time in her tiny bed and felt like Will Farrell in Elf when he slept in the elf beds but we adapt as parents and do what we got to do. After a little while and as I thought she fell back to sleep I slithered out of her bed like a ninja on a mission, a mission not to disturb this 2 year old. But to my surprise as soon as I was out of bed she started crying again. At this point I realized she just wanted me around to feel better and secure so I laid on the floor beside her. To ensure I did not leave her side she stuck her little foot on my head to which I thought was a mistake but rest assure again it was not. This was her fail safe alarm to make sure I did not leave her side the rest of the night. To my 2 year old daughter I say well played and rest assure I will always be there to provide that southern comfort for you in times of need. And to all our customers out there, for a little southern comfort of your own, try a cup of Nautical Star Coffee or pick up a bag at The Boathouse in downtown New Bern, NC.