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Finally Friday!!!

Well we all made it, finally Friday! What does the weekend bring us? I like to think relaxation and football but we all know that is unlikely. Many of us have significant others, friends and kids which = responsibilities. It seems the weekends are the only time to get things done, yard work, laundry, projects and spend time with kids. I try to watch college football but somewhere in the midst of the day, my TV will be taken over by a 2 year old and the Disney channel or Sponge Bob Square Pants. To my 2 year old daughter I say "touche", you have won the TV battle today but we will meet on the battle grounds again for another fight for the rights of the TV. To all out there, enjoy the weekend, enjoy time with your kids as time goes by fast and before you know it they are graduated and off to college starting their own lives. You can never get these times back so take pictures and videos to remember when they were young. Take time out of your busy schedule as we all are busy these days but our kids are the one true wonder in this world and they thrive for our attention. Cherish these moments before they get old enough to consider you their mortal enemy and are convinced you are out to ruin their lives as a teenager. Stay caffeinated my friends and if you do, consider trying Nautical Star Coffee.