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One hit wonders

So apparently yesterday was One Hit Wonder Day for songs. As I listened to most of the songs yesterday on the way home I concluded that most of the songs that were truly great one hit wonders were all from the 80's. What a time that was is that this was my era of growing up. My 11 year old daughter often ask me what it was like growing up then. To her I tell, it was great! We had no electronics tying us down and we took on the day with our BMX bikes trying to find new trails and things to get into. We had a lot of neon things and the shows were great like Different Strokes and The Dukes of Hazard. We had little care in the world other then trying to find an old piece of wood to make a ramp and jump our bikes off of. We knew what time to come in as we were told be in when the street lights come on. Playing outside was a must and a necessity as our parents kicked us out of the house and told us to be back at dinner, and rest assure we had no phones for them to call us, we just knew when dinner would be. So as these one hit wonders played it took me back to a much easier time, our time when things were simple and fun and arcades rolled Saturday mornings at the mall and opening a cereal box to just get the toy out of and not even attempting to make a bowl of cereal from it. To my kids, enjoy the day and your time as you to will have stories to tell your kids and to our customer base, enjoy the day and while your doing that, enjoy a cup of Nautical Star Coffee.