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Monday for me.

So I missed work yesterday as I woke up and felt terrible (must be something going around), but I'm back today. Quick weekend as usual but was bale to get some college football in and get in the pool with my 2 year old daughter possibly one last time as things are slowly cooling off. I have been getting a lot of good advice on how to get our coffee product out there so we are mainly committing our focus to New Bern and surrounding areas as this is our community. We have had a few interest but no takers but are willing to work with local businesses to give them free bags to test and see if it may be something they want to sell in their business. All reviews and feedback so far has all been positive and everyone says we have a very different and smooth tasting coffee so that is positive just now we need to get it out there. Please let us know what you think of it should you ever try it as we are here for you. Stay caffeinated my friends.